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need advice on how to start sweeping her off her feet ! :)


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ok today i saw a really cute girl that i think lives just up my street , i saw her while i was driving by , now i am very unexpierenced in the dating scene and really shy, im 17 have a car but no license so keep that in mind when giving advice , and i'm here to ask if anybody has any ideas on how to start about this thx a bunch

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hmmmm.... well it's not much good unless you really know her first. Remember. That it's the first few times you meet her that will have the greatest impression. Be genuine with her, thats the important thing. And Once you know her better, take her out to lunch or something. But to impress her, make sure you are yourself. Shes in your nieghbour hood, so I suggest you give it some time before you try anything- but just until you know her better. Don't wait to long.

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Well, I'd say get your license first. There's nothing that'll kill ur driving record or you if you get caught driving illegally. You know where she lives, so find other means to get to her place while keepin urself outta trouble, go and talk to her if she's outside or whatever. If you two don't each other that well you don't wanna make yourself look like a stalker. If you happen to see her when she's at her house outside, start with some small talk and go on from there. Good luck to you.



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