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Should i wait or not??


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Hi. U might have read my posts this past week about Steve. I met him wen he was skateboarding and i threw my number out the window to him lol. Well he called me all night and then he gave me his number. At first I think he just thought i was kidding b/c i didnt remember his cell phone number, but wen i actually called him the next day, he was happy and realized i wsant playin around. So i met his saturday, he called all night. I called sunday. then i saw him tuesday night and he ran up to my car, so then i called him wednesday. well i havent really talked to him since then.


But last week i told him thta i wold come see him this week, at this place he hangs out. But my friend that i was with on saturday night cant come out tonite cuz she has a friends party to go to. But i really really want to see him. I kno it may sound weird, but from wut i kno i already like him. I dont really kno wut he looks liek all that much, but his personality is awesome.


What does everyone think i should do? Should i wait till he calls me back or should i wait a week to see him and play hard to get? ( U can get tons more information if u read my other osts about him from this week. )

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