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She is better than me, alot better

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Ummm... alright. Theres this girl whom I've sorta got together with. What I mean by sorta is that we haven't been out on a date or are officially together. We know how we feel about eachother, but dueto certain circumstances (irrelevant) we haven't been completely free witheachother.


The thing is, she is 7months younger, smart and beautiful. She is the most mature person I have ever met. She's 1/4 european and even looks as though she could pass for a year of two older than me. She is confident, and has one billion friends and is always looking after other people. She gets emotional around little kids and EVERYONE trusts her. How am I supose to compete for that?


Now, about me. I am average looking and slightly short for my age. People tell me I'm smart, but only at science and maths, and I don't consider that a help, if you know what I mean. People say I'm mature for my age, mentally if nothing else. I am 'nice' of try to be. But I am horrible to my family and I am scared that thats who I really am.


We have had our problems, and still are getting through them, but I am nothing next to her. And it worries me sometimes. Whats going on in her head? Girls help + guys

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hey there prince.


sounds like your worried that this girl is way superior to you and that you feel over come by this and who you are. she sounds like a terrific girl but everyone has their negatives, and although you might not see them they will be there. dont feel second to her, we are all equal. you sound like a super person, and maturity doesn't define personality. if your interested in her then try talking to her about how you feel. if she's as nice as you say then you'll be absolutely fine. it sounds like she likes you, and dont frighten yourself by weighing up her positives with yours. we are all different but no one is better. it shouldnt be a competition, you should try and see more good in yourself than just in others.


i have the same problem where i feel i am "too" nice in public, and because i hold in all of my hostility and then i release it at home. i understand that you are afraid that because you are different at home than you are elsewhere, that this "other" person is who you really are. the truth is you have a choice who you want to be. dont change, but just be yourself everywhere. i may sound hypocritical because i have the same worry that although i wish i could be nice ALL the time, i easily explode at home (perhaps because i know that they "have" to accept and love me no matter what). its best to even out everything, and to not try and be something impossible (eg super nice 24/7). we are allowed our outbursts now and then.


so remember that she is no better than you, and she is after all human, so see her as one, and not as some super being. you are just as special, and im sure she knows it.

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ok...my bf is like you, he thinks im perfect & he doesn't have a chance because he thinks i'll find a cuter guy. however, in my mind he is a great guy. everything i want in a person. i wonder why out of all girls he chose me. don't worry about it. your gf chose you for a reason. i've learned that you should never try to read your bf/gf's mind because you can't assume what they are thinking. she obviously thinks you are attractive & awesome, otherwise she wouldn't be with you.

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