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so ur going out with this gurl for four months and u run out things to talk about??? i been with my gurl for going on four months but the topic of conversation is never really a question....i dont mean to dis on ur relationship or n e thing like dat all im saying is can u like talk to her about nothing at all or sumtn of importance and itll all b ok like it dont matter as long as yall are talking?? i just think u should call her up and b like hey hows ur day and i miss u and just try talking to her and if thats not possible then think about yalls relationship is she really the person u wanna b with....i dunno if thats much help im not to good on advice in a box im more of a person to person.....


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Hi M.M.,


Welcome to the eNotalone forum !


I guess you have some hobbies and so does she ! You can talk about yours, and ask her about hers - to give her a chance to talk too. Also, you should talk about things and ask her opinion of them - like maybe music or world affairs.


You just need things to talk about, and there are plenty of things in the world - you just have to pick one and talk about it !!


Good luck !

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