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Bad performance apprasal at work/should I tell why?

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Maybe I just need to suck up the fact that I haven't been doing a good job at work. But it still doesn't seem fair. In June I went through a traumatic breakup... After that I didn't not go to work for 3 days (I had sick time) and I begain seeing a psychaiatrist and trying to get my life back on track... I was also having some family problems at home. Waking up in the morning to come to work became a chore. Even though I was healing it was still hard to concentrate on my job which resulted in my performace depletion.

When I had my performace review today it was not good. Our scale is 1-4 and my overall was a "2"!... what really made my blood boil is that he compared me to other employees and noted something about personal e-mails. I didn't say much to him. I just listened and then went back to my desk. I just wonder if I should tell him that I'm not just sitting here daily typing e-mails all day and that I've had some personal problems that are now being resolved and comment on the comparison he made...

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I know what you're going through. I went through a insanely traumatic breakup in early Feb. I started seeing a psychiatrist almost immediately and was questioned about my work by my boss. I told him the story and luckily, he was sympathetic. I'm still completely heartbroken now and I still think about her everyday and it's been 8 months now.


About 3 months after I told my boss, I was still very depressed and he gave me a verbal warning. Yes, it's not fair for you, but personal problems aside, we still have our jobs to do.


Not sure how close you are with your boss, but if you aren't that close just tell him that personal problems have come up and you're dealing with it.

If you are close, maybe he will understand.


Either way, good luck. I'm still wondering when she'll come back.

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You have to remember the employer wants all his employees to drop their personal problems at the door and put on a professional face mask, which is hard for anyone in times of crisis. If he is noticing the things that you are doing at your desk, then you are probably being observed when you aren't noticing. If you plan to stay in this career, then it is important to remember that they are paying you for a service, and if you are meeting their standards or not. If the work load is too much or you are having trouble focusing, then they may be able to move you to another department. Learning the new material may make you feel better for a while, stick with the counseling to really feel better about youreslf -- then look for a new line of work when you feel ready.

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I say prove him wrong...!


Continue to show good work ethics. Prove that you are better than a "2".


I know exactly how you feel, but the oppossite happened to me. Going to work actually helped me through my breakup.


On top of all that, I've got all of these hardcore science classes like Human Anatomy, we have to remember all of the bones, muscles, histology, nerves, everything, and then Microbio...holy cow..and the worst thing yet, this breakup could potentially ruin my G.P.A. for prospective med/pharmacy/p.a. schools.


I have a whole career ahead of me, and this stupid relationship is just killing it for me.


Anyway, pain only makes you stronger right. Some people have it worse, but whatever you do, always prove your boss, professors co-workers, whatever that they are wrong. Be yourself, and be the best!


Don't let minor bumps in the road get in your way!

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