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ladies...is my ex being curious?

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The other night i'm on the phone with my ex and my cell phone rings....we were on my house line. I let it ring..and it was another female, i didn't feel like speaking with at the time.....so i let the call go. as i get back on the phone, my ex goes why didn't you answer and i go "cause i didn't feel like it." I'm sure she leaned more toward it being a female than one of my boys. she's the type that would've took an opportunity like that to deliberately talk if it was a guy calling her so i can clearly hear...i like to make her think rather than always know whats going on in my life. a little childish i know, but i fight fire with fire!

She calls me again after a couple of days and i guess jokingly goes "there's nobody calling you" and then tells me and if not then it's sad (little does she know how does that make her look when she the one calling me) I took it as that was her way of trying to get me to tell what im up to, but i just laughed it off. I also refused to tell her that another girl had just left. What is she after because deep inside i think the idea of me being without someone is what she is after....should i tell her?

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It sounds to me like she is trying to figure out what you are up to and if you are enjoying yourself without her, and would probably love to hear that you are miserable to boost her ego. Being a female, I must admit that there used to be a part of me that kind of wanted to know how my ex was doing, but I never acted on it by calling or anything. I just wanted to know if he had found happiness and I genuinely cared for him. Of course I am the type of person that when I am done with someone, I'm done, and I try not to drag it out.

She evidently is not done with you, one way or another. Are you doing any of the calling or is it all her? If it is all her, there's got to be some sort of curiousness there and I would just come out and ask her next time, say,"Can I ask what your concern is with whom I talk on the phone?" She'll probably be a little floored but oh well. Maybe she'll get the hint that you've picked up on it.

If you do not enjoy getting her calls, simply tell her that the relationship is over, has been over, and to stop calling you. If you enjoy the calls then go ahead and play the game with her or better yet be straight with her, and tell her how you feel, whichever you think is best for you right now. I am not a big fan of playing games with people but I know the single life is full of them and if you don't play sometimes, you'll get hurt pretty badly.

Be careful and only say or do what makes you feel good.

Hope this helps.


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