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doesn't know how to talk to a girl...

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Hi all. Well i just wanna say thank you in advance for any replies I hope to get. Well lemme get to the point. I'm the kind of guy that...err...well, I'm what you call the "nice guy" type. We finish LAST. Or not at all. I don't have much confidence in myself when it comes to girls. I've had girlfriends and many flings...but most of them were with the wrong type of girls. It seems that us "nice guys" types only attract the "bad girls." The ones that take advantage of us...worse yet we let them. So because of my experiences with girls and all the pain, I don't have much confidence in myself.


Anyway...I'm pretty tired of feeling like this. And lately I've been taking the initiative on changing how I feel about myself and how I see things. Anyway...point is...I kinda have a crush on this girl that works at big 5 Sporting goods. I just think she's really cute and all...and I've seen her work there for months. I've just never really talked to her. I'd really like to however...and maybe even get to know her. I just don't know how to approach her. As you can see, I'm not experienced at this at all...and also I don't wanna make it seem like I'm some 7th grader asking for girl's numbers at the mall. Anyway...I'd just really like to meet her without making it all weird. Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate any input.

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hey, first of all i'd like 2 say that i don't agree wif u, nice guys do tend 2 get hurt way more easily, but they don't finish last...


lol swingfox, u bet me 2 it.


If u wanna go somethin simple, just ask her and pretend ur interested in somethin she's selling, somewhere along the way swhich the convo 2 a topic u think u'd both like and then just say u gotta go or somethin and make ur move...whateva it is u wanna say eg i gotta go but i'd really like 2 get 2 kno u sometime u wanna do ... etc


I think u should get 2 kno her first, as a friend...ppl aren't always who they seem 2 b if u kno what i mean.


Happy Heb

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