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Appearing too eager, good or bad?

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Well I just wanted to know when girls introduce themselves to guys is wrong for a guy to quickly jump her and ask her if she wants to do something some time? Does appearing eager like that scare alot of girls away? But why else would they make the effort to introduce themselves in the first place? Thanks.

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well seeming desperate and eager are different, you don't want to seem desperate, get to know her a little more, get a phone number stay in contact..wait 3-4 days before you call things like that, it's just playing it cool, calm, and collectively. with those implemented together, your presentation and over all impression will be flawless, throw in a little charm and land a date..if you follow those in order then your chances are good.

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why would that be appearing to eager?


If you approach her in a mature manner and ask her if she wants to hang out, then why not. Let's cut to the chase right? Sometimes, that's called confidence, girl's like that. If you beat around the bush, sometimes it might not get you anywhere.

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try this...


next time just talk to her. Keep it short, maybe a minute or two at most. End by saying, "hey it was nice to meet you.." and walk away. But turn around real quick after and say, "hey you got e-mail?"


If she says, "yes"...treat that as a yes to getting her e-mail..."oh great, why don't you write it down here for me".......when she starts writing her e-mail down..."oh why don't you just put your number down there too for me". If she says, "no"...be funny, but not an ass and say..."don't you have electricity? You don't have e-mail? That must be tough living in the stone age...well c ya!"


As far as the calling...i find it's not so much how many days you wait, but more HOW MUCH you call them...call maybe once or twice or something, but that's it. I prefer e-mail cuz women like tend to respond to their e-mails, and there's less pressure from their perspective. Plus, you avoid the whole "phone tag" thing. In addition, if you send her an e-mail, and she doesn't respond within a few days, you could send another and be like, "hey i didn't know you were playing hard to get already!"...etc, etc... Basically cocky and funny stuff...walk the line, but don't cross...and women will eat it up.





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