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Searching for a Creative "Phrase"

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Whats another saying or any creative Quotes for saying "communication is no more" something along the lines of


"Burned the Bridge of Communication"


I'm trying to discover a way to tell this girl, (it's been 3 weeks of thinking) that i don't want to talk to her anymore, she lead me on, and was discriminative towards me b/c of my age,


Me=(22) Her=(24)


now the problem is..she comes up to me at this club., and acts as if we are still "friends" like she told me 2 weeks ago, When she said "i just see you as a friend" Well really if 2 people are considered "friends" correct me if I'm wrong.


But umm shouldn't those 2 people at least have communication, and hang-out's, going places, trying to do things together..Right? well problem is that never happened, she kept blowing me off...now i want her to know that was her fault not mine, b/c i was throwing myself out at her, pitching invitations to lunch, the park, the zoo, to dinner, a movie...really anything..but nothing landed. and her communication (simply put) sucked..!!! conversations lasted sometimes only 30 sec's, and it made me upset. so how do i tell her this in a short way.? any good words of advice to say to her would really help..???

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I don't know any quotes you can say...but maybe you should be direct and just tell her...that you don't like the way she's treated you...and that you don't see her as a friend because friends actually hangout and communicate and would appreciate it if she would stop pretending to be friends and just stop talking to you...I don't think you can communicate more clear than that...just a suggestion.

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She's probably trying to be nice to you by saying that she only see's you as a friend, unless if she's getting all touchy with youj (that's another thing). But, if she's not responding to you, and not wanting to hang out, then I would just all together ingore her completely. If you guys bump into each other, then ignore her.

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