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A couple months ago I posted a short description of myself along with a pic on the HOT or Not website. For those of you who are not familiar with it its basicaly an online dating thing where you can post your picture and info and people who want to meet you can send you a short message if they want to. Well this morning I received a message in my email from a girl near my area. So from what I saw of the picture it looks quite a bit like this girl I work with. I Also kinda have a bit of a crush on her. Being the shy person I am I've never told her. The interests of the girl in the profile seem to be pretty close to the girl I work with. We sometimes work together for short periods of time and we chit-chat too. I am trying to think of a way to ask her if it was her who sent me the message. But if it turns out to be someone else I will have made a fool out of myself. After reading the ad I sent a response that stated I want to meet her too. So should I wait it out a while or should I say something?

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Well i think that if u can wait it out, then u should. imagine the surprise on her face wen she realizes its you who she has a crush on. Or maybe she knows its u. So u could always drop hints to her.. u could be like oo i saw this hottie on hot or not last night. and if she starts laughin or turns red then u kno she also goes to that site. u could try something casual like that. good luck

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