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do you think it would be a good idea to get back together?

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Hi everyone...im new to the site...Well my problem is...I've been confused lately...my ex broke up with me about 4 months ago...it was a long distance relationship...he told me the reason that he wanted to break up was because of the distance...but somehow I don't think so...it was a serious relatioship...and I really thought I was going to marry this guy...we talked about it when we were together...I was really heartbroken when he broke up with me and am still to this day...anyways I was talking to him online not too long ago...and he asked my how I felt about getting back together after we graduate...which is in about a year...I told him I'm not sure. A part of me still loves him, and then there's a part of me that hates his guts for breaking my heart...Im not sure what to do...someone please help...do you think it would be a good idea to get back together?

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you don't need to make that decision now, its still a year from when you would get back together. a lot can happen in a year. you might meet a new guy, he might meet a new girl.... anyways, your feelings could change about him in that amount of time, so i would just tell him that you'll see what your feelings are when the time comes. right now, you should just go on with your life beccause you never know what might happen.

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It sounds like he's just toying around with your emotions.


If he truly cared, then why isn't he with you now, why would he put you through so much misery?


Trust your hunch. Let him say whatever he wants, but don't absorb it. Talk is cheap. Put everything aside for now, and when one year does go by, and if he's still willing and waiting, then his actions justify his words, and then you should consider.


But for the time being, he's probably just lonely. So are you right? But he wasn't there for you 4 monthes ago, so why should you be there for him? Take care of yourself first, and communicate to him how you feel (but don't get back).

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