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Ahh cant seem to escape so I can heal/ help me

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This is Mr.Sadman Im back again cause I never thought I feel this sad again. My story is im 18 and in college and had never had a gf until January and she was the best girl ever I couldnt believe I was such a lucky guy who got her and she became my first gf. The relationship had a big problem in it though (read my first every post by clicking on my name to read previous post) and she broke up with me because I told her I loved her only after one month of dating. She said she was not ready for that and my feelings for her were to fast.


Since we were in the same class together after she broke up with me it made it so hard to go to the class every other day. How can you heal when your ex is in your class with all her friends who know about the situation? I cried every day before that class and after class and many times between cause I was so devastated by the breakup. Yet I still made it to each class eyes read from crying so hard and I got an A. I know that is not to manly of me but bare with me and I went to the bathroom or my car everytime I cried so no one could see me.


The problem is when she got a new boyfriend her friends asked about him in our class and she told them all yea she had a new boyfriend. I know she had no option she had to tell them but she could have whispered it to them, so I couldnt hear it that again broke my heart. She dated him one month after dumping me which made me feel worse cause I cant believe by me just telling her I love her in one month that is what ended the relationship, but I guess it did. The healing process took another shoot when I was walking to my dorm and saw them kiss each other that just shook my whole body.


From the time she broke up with me in February till the end of that semester I moped around. This is how I got the nickname Mr. Sadman cause this one girl who is my friend says I never look happy always look sad. I tried not to mope but could not stop it which prolly ruined any chance of a girl looking at me cause I looked so sad. Now the summer time came and off to my house far from college I still couldnt get over her the whole four months of vacation. I thought about her everyday thats how I found this site cause I wanted some advice and I got some great advice but could not follow it.


I thought when I came back I was going to be sad again any man was I. Not only did her new bf live down the hall from he she went to see him everyday so since I live on the same hall I saw her almost everyday. NO healing happened I was still very sad. Then I hear that she broke up with the dude and I got my hopes up like now maybe I can get her back. I thought this for a week, but now comes today I saw her with a guy kissing who lives right accross the door from me I can even hear his tv are rooms are so close this devestated me again my heart is like been smashed so much its not into pieces its into atoms and molecules. What can I do now to heal I havent had a chance to heal I cant seem to escape her dating people who live near me or being in the same class I need advice should I just stay out of my dorm until late so I wont have to hear them kiss and talk ahhhh when will this heartbreak end???

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Man that sucks. Sorry to hear about all your heartache. I've been there and done that man. I think we all have.


You were very smart in saying that you probably aren't getting noticed by other girls because you look sad. Girls definitely pick up on that. The best thing for you to do is to perk up, move on, and start dating other girls. Believe me, once you land a date with a good girl you won't even think twice about this girl. But the catch is: you have to stop moping around before you can start dating.


You're young and in college...start taking advantage of that once in a lifetime chance and figure out what kind of girl you want and hold on to the one that makes you happy.

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she was your first gf & the first one always seems to be the most perfect one. however, usually the first never lasts. you have to date people to find out what you want & don't want in a relationship. i can say (& i know many can agree) that when you break up with your first bf/gf that it seems like you will never get over them. they seem too perfect & that there is no one better. thats not true though. there is someone more perfect out there. i wouldn't try to get back with your ex. she has seemed to move on, & you will move on too, you just have to give it time. in my opinion, she broke up with you for a stupid reason. you can't help what your feeling & feelings like that should be said.

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Can you find a different dorm building at least? Maybe you can talk to the coordinators and ask them.


The more you distance yourself from this girl the better. Hopefully if you do find a different building, she won't be dating anyone in the new building.


After all, this girl sounds like she hops around to different guys, why would you want to mope around for a girl like that? She didn't take you seriously, and isn't probably going to be serious with anyone for a while.


You'll find someone new and better, don't give up. Just leave that building. Good Luck! Oh, and find different classes. Hopefully, your campus isn't too small and your choices aren't too limited.

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Thank you all for you advice on the issue and I know its been eight months now and I'll still grieving over this girl who dumped me after one month for saying I love her yet there was another bigger reason in the way of us her parents if you want to know that reason I'll pm you it lets just say its a shame people still think this way, but she was perfect I just cant and I have to see her almost everyday next door with that dude. I go to a small catholic university near D.C. and the campus is small so I can't switch buildings everything is filled unfortuneatly. So moving is not the answer my dad said I should I keep my door open and see them together because though it hurt bad right now over time it will make me even stronger seeing them together maybe it will get me off my butt and make me move on and date other girls. Does anybody else think that is good advice to try I think I can handle it hopefully.

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