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this is for all of you guys i need some advice please help

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Ok well theres this guy i kind of like and i dunno some times he flirts with me but hes one of those guys you know that flirts with all girls. Hes nice to me but like the other day he took me and my friend somewhere and me and him were in the front seat and he would never look at me i mean he never does look at me when we actually make eye contact he smiles, hes always quite around me at times and then when other people are around hes all himself.Before we used to chat on the internet and stuff and then we stopped and we used to talk about alot of deep stuff we still do talk sometimes like at b-ball practice he will ask me about how me and my ex boyfriend are doing and give me advice before we were both in relationships at the time now neither of us are and i like him and i want him to know but i dont want to tell him i want to let him know in a subtle way so if the feelings arent mutual i dont get crushed. I just kind of want to know from the guys how do you know if aguy is interested in you and if you can give me some tips on getting him to notice me

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If he suddenly becomes quieter when you'r around, and often does not look you straight in the eye, I would really consider it a possibility that he does like you, alot of people act like that. Get to know some of his good friends and mention him and see what you can get out of them, ask if he ever talks about you, ect. Go for it, can't go wrong and just like they always say, the only stupid question is a question not asked.

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