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I have to start the beginning. . .


My boyfriend went away to college before I did. I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT AND I LOVED IT.


I know I lost the wieght because of seperation anxiety. Everyone was telling me, "Wow, you're skinny girl." And I loved It.


Well now I am back with my boyfriend and I am back in school. When he saw me for the first time in a month at the airport he was like wow! I wasn't big in the first. I was like 107 when we were together before he left and I went to him weighing 101. I lost 6 pounds within a month and I LOVED IT. I wasn't suffering from any eating disorders. I was eating, just less and I set limits. I think I was motivated to lose a little wieght. And it worked. I didn't have the love handles or the pooch!


Now that I am back with my b/f. I am eating just like I used to before he was gone. Now I can't set my limits. I don't want to gain all that weight back. I am so much more comfortable with myself when I don't have the "pooch, or the love handles."


What is wrong with me???


Someone please help!

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i wouldnt say there is anything wrong with you at all, i feel that everyone has a weight in which they feel comfortable at and they no longer have anxiety about. if this has boosted your self esteem then the wright is good but i would worry over the apsect of how you are loosing it, maintain a healthy diet and make sure he doesnt leave you too long i mean what would you up with? nothing?


how much do you mean when you say you lost loads of weight, i can understand that you didnt have an eating disorder but ensure that your body is ok with this loss. keep fit and work with it.

everyone has a limit so keep it and dont loose too much weight. 107 pounds isnt a lot, so be careful with how much you loose.

im glad your bf back home. and he likes it


hope this helped.


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(sorry uofahotgurl and sorry moderators. well learn eventually).


sorry its annoying being a twin we get so confused (neva_black_n_white) actually sent it you....sorry....well learn how to stay on our own profiles, but yeah i agree with her so thats a second vote and sorry again.


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I couldn't imagine that weighing in at 107 would make you have a huge noticeable pooch or even love handles... 107 is considered skinny. You need to look at how tall you are and also longterm consequences of not eating enough or right. Being skinny can sometimes lead to very serious problems later on in life because your body stores fat for many reasons. If image is everything, then you need to reconsider at what cost 6 pounds means to you. I know you said you ate less because of anxiety separation (which can be a disorder also), but when this comes into play you need to check your head and game plan. You can still eat less, but you also need to exercise. Eating a smaller portion can result in malnutrition - you can lose muscle in time also. The effects may take years for you to see. I think you are eating more, because in part you feel comfortable when you are with your bf, whereas before you were really worried about what people say to you. Trust me, ever think that people might have been saying nice things like wow you are skinny, because they knew you were down because your boyfriend left? (Just a different angle). You say you don't have a eating disorder, but it sounds like you may but driven by desire and self image and other forces that result in you being less apt to control what you eat or how much of it. Good luck. Being skinny might make you feel good by image, but do you often get sick and does it take you longer to recover? Best of luck..

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lol....honey, you're at exactly the weight you should be at...not too skinny and not too heavy. STOP STRESSING. As for why you're eating like you used to....because you don't have to "prove" anything anymore. This has been a HUGE issue for me, since I've put on some weight since I've been with my fiance, and wasn't skinny to begin with. And it bugs me to NO end, especially when he suggests that I cut back on my eating, change my eating habits, eat healthier, etc. But I digress....


From the sound of it, you've NEVER been heavy, nor will you be. A man does NOT want a woman who's skin and bones, they want SOME curves! It sounds to me like you have the common sense to eat a decent diet and not get carried away....if you start gaining more than you're comfortable with, simply cut down a little. Stop drinking several sodas, or snacking, or whatever it is you're doing more of. Make portions a wee bit smaller at meals....BUT NOTHING DRASTIC! I can promise you that your b/f (unless he's EXTREMELY shallow) won't be counting every bite you put in your mouth and eyeing you to see if you've gained a couple of pounds!

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