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do you like it when i do this...??

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Ok! I just wanted to know, guys (boys) when your having sex with a girl, and she is on top, where do like her hands to be? Raped around your neck? Or touching your balls? Or touching myself (where ever)? I hope I get alot of replys to this cause I would like to know what the guys like best! And girls, tell me if you know anywhere else to put your arms. Thanks alot!!

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Depends on my mood.


My number one suggestion though - ask him!


Any of the things you mentioned is good. Also, sometimes I just like her to lie on top of me.


By default though, I like her to have her hands on my chest.


It's also nice when she traces patterns on my chest with her nipples. ('Course, this means her hands can't be on my chest!!)

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I think you should have your hands on his chest or on your own breasts or supporting yourself on the bed or almost anywhere else. That 'hands on the testicles thing' gets annoying very quickly though..........it's quite distracting!! I would say that's the one place NOT to put them. But hey, that's just me!

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