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Ok, so I am a college female. I met this guy playing an online game & we fell in love. He made the first moves. He lives too far away to see frequently, but we have been talking every day for 6 months and we got together this summer, where dating & kissing ensued.


He is bi, with which I have no problem. It think it's neat, actually, that we have the same taste in guys. But it kind of confuses me that he talks about all the guys he thinks are "hott" but not girls. He sometimes says I'm hott, but doesn't talk about other girls in the same way he does about other guys.


I wonder whether he would really rather be with a guy if it were more convienient. He says he loves me and doesn't want to be with anybody else, but why does he keep talking about guys all the time? Should I be worried about this? I'm afraid if I can't give him what he wants.

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so should never give a man what he wants so he can stay. Don't do that. If he is guy and wants to be guy he will follow his heart reguardless. He may love them now but he may also love you. He is bi, so it is a possiblity that he can and will see other guys in the future (if he wants to) because you have no problem with that. But do you really want that for the rest of your life. He has the same interest as you and like exactly the same personality as you soon from now both of you are going to be trying to get the same guys come on man. Do you want that for yourself. The other question you need to ask your self is if you love men, remember the 6 months and the summer you spend toghther and don't let lust cloud you judgement. Hope this helps.

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I have have seen so many problems in relationships where one is streigth and the other is Bi. for some reason many Bis think its alright to go with someone else, in other words they believe they are intitled to 1 of each sex, and dont have to commit to just one.


The other problem is, because of him being Bi, you will only be able to give him half of what he likes. so he will always be pulled to have his "variety".


The other risk your taking is that he is probably really gay, and is struggling with it, trying hard to be streight.


So be prepared for anything, frankly I would be concerned over the long term success of this relationship.


maybe im wrong, it could be a simple thing like he thinks you would be jealous if he finds a girl sexy but not a guy and avoids saying things about women.


Only time will tell, good luck with this one.

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