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After 2 years..this is all I GET!!!

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I recently got dumped by my partner. When he broke up with me I was devastated because I had given him all I could ever offer anyone. He was my first love. Anyway the breakup was suprising, but more shocking was his proposal after the breakup He wanted to mantain a sexual relationship u know no strings attached basically me as his BOOTY CALL; I said to myself all this time and dedication and all I get is to be ur booty call? He says he wants to be "intimate" with me only because he trusts me and feels safe, complete satisfaction with me, that he doesn't want to be with anyone else. But then why break up? He says he loves me but needs time to rediscover himself, whatever the F*CK that means, especially since he's a mature man. I need help especially since we both discovered we cannot be friends since we both want to know what each other are doing, we do not want either to see anyone else, and we call each other all the time..WHAT IS HAPPENING? what does he want? is he being selfish, u know he doesn't want me for him nor for anyone else!! I NEED HELP!! I have to admit we still see each other, but we don't have anything to strive for.

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He decided to break it off to have options, but to keep you around as a booty call because he knows you'd be there because you're hurt and vounerable. He wants to have his freedom but have his barbie doll when he wants her. Don't let him take advantage of you during your time of weakness and recovery. Send his butt packing to find a booty call elsewhere. You deserve better hunny.[/b]

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Some people, for whatever reason, just don't or can't handle committment but want all the other bits of the relationship that you can offer. Your ex is no exception. He doesn't want the ties and the problems that come with being in a relationship, he just wants the good stuff. He is not thinking of you at all in this relationship. You have to think of yourself here, and decide if you can handle just having a sexual relationship without the emotional ties. But let me advise you that this is extremely hard and I know of no one that has been able to work this type of relationship out.


Gather up your self respect and tell him what you want out of the relationship, put all your cards on the table, and if he does not agree then walk away. It is better to walk away now with your dignity than later...

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DON'T DO IT. Screw him. You don't need to be treated like a piece of meat. You deserve better than that and you should tell him to go to hell. I think that is a very selfish and immature thing to ask someone. Why buy the cow when the milk is free. You have to make it harder on him because you are not his personal property. Listen, move on because you are a woman and it should be no problem finding another man. Women have an easier time finding others to go out with. Go make yourself happy and forget that selfish sob.



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