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Okay, I wasn't sure where to post this topic so excuse me if it doesn't quite fit in!

I wanted to know if other people out there could commiserate with me on this. My bf visits strip clubs very frequently. I'd say anywhere from 4-5 times a month or so. Plus, he lies about it. He denies that he goes but yet I find out anyway. He drops tons of money on these places, too. I'm jealous and yes part of it is because I feel bad that he may get off on these strippers and I can't offer the same thing they do. But the other part of it is that he lies about it. I flat out caught him out but yet he still denied it. I find receipts (I do all the laundry and that's usually when I find all this stuff in his pant pockets) and he still denies it. I wasn't born yesterday but he still lies to me. One night I waited for him for dinner and he didn't call me until almost 5 hours after I had expected him. I called his cell phone but he didn't answer and then a little while later it was turned off (I immediately got his voicemail instead of ringing). He said his phone died...yeah right. Then he didn't call me until almost 1am and lied to me about where he was. First he said he got stuck working. Then when he got home and I smelled the smoke and alcohol on him he said he went to a bar for some beers. Turns out he was at a strip club and he lied about it. It makes me feel like crap inside. I don't want to feel this stressed about it but he goes almost every single week. I know I can't tell him he can't go but it's something I don't like him doing. Especially so frequently. I could understand him going once in a great while or for a bachelor party. But he goes on a regular basis. He has spent $300 in one night alone. Meanwhile I'm sitting at home alone and he's out throwing money away on strippers who don't even love him. It makes me so frustrated. What do I do?

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Your BF obviously has an addiction problem that needs to be dealt with. If he is not willing to deal with it then you should sit him down and discuss his future with you. Anyone who lies to another person, especially someone close to them has no respect for them. You know you deserve to be treated like a lady and he is not doing this. As much as it might hurt, if he is not willing to address both of these problems, the lying and addiction, you are better off finding someone who will respect you for the great person I'm sure you are.

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