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I've always been a fairly good student in High School, my GPA in the top 10%, involved in sports, choir, newspaper etc. Entering college seems easy at first, but boy do things move quick. Now, I don't know about you guys...but changes are coming fast.


I'm getting really stressed...and it makes me less motivated. I recently got some essays back and they were all check minus. Today, got my psychology test back and it's a BAD grade. All this hitting me at once, feels like a shock. I don't know how to turn the tides. One problem is *AIM comsumes my time like crazy. I really want to do better. My question is: what am I doing wrong?


Please help in any way, or if you've been through the college transition, what did you do?

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i just started college too & feel exactly like you. i have 3 papers assigned & all this other homework. its sooo stressful. unfortunately, i haven't thought of a solution. but i do know that you shouldn't be thinking about school all day long. take an hour or 2 everyday & do something relaxing(if you can). it really does help.

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College can be a very stressful time in a young persons life. Keep time for yourself and for your friends, but don't forget why you're there. Higher education is very important. Set goals for yourself, and remember that socializing can wait sometimes. If you already know that AIM takes up a great amount of your time, turn it off, I know it's hard to do, but let your online friends know that you have studying to do and you need to get back to work. Take a small break in between chapters and maybe get online for about 10 minutes, but let them know that you need to get back to work. Instead of getting on AIM some times, try taking a short walk to clear your mind and get your blood flowing again, this may help you study a little better.

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Well, I too did a lot in high school. Band, choir, student council and the like. And, you are completely right about college moving really fast. the only advice I can offer you is to do something school related every night. read a chapter, go over class notes, anything. I know it's probably been said to you millions of times, but it's so true. Also, you have to take into consideration that with so many big changes from high school, your marks are gonna drop. You can most definitely bring them up, and i'm sure once you figure out what your professors want to see in a paper, you'll be able to give him/her first class material. who knows, maybe they're just trying to scare you into working harder... Hope this helps.

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You're probably one of those students who would always get "FANTASTIC/EXCELLENT/Smily Face stickers in elementary school. Than you would get to hold on to the hot fuzzy toy every other day for being great in class.... I dont think you're the only one in this situation. I myself, had some trouble starting out college also. In high school in many ways, its just going to school, go home and there's food already prepared for you and everything is within a hand reach... When your in college, you have to do more things for yourself, this includes yourr own laundry **EEWWWW**, food, etc. This consumes more time....


Yes! AIM is a disease, its an addiction, its a choice you have to make. By that i mean WHO??? should you talk to, and whois a waste of time??? obviously none of them are a waste of time, thats why're your talking to them. BUTTTT that is the fine line between being addicted or not.


Good luck with college, and I hope you get more check plus than check minuses.

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I know how you feel.


I just had a recent death in the family, and a move. You never know what life is going to hit you with, but always try to prepare yourself for the next bigger stept. It's especially challenging during college, because you're trying to grow up and discover yourself!


All I can say to you is to limit your time on AIM. Maybe, you shouldn't even turn on your computer until at least half of your homework is ready.


To be honest, studying takes a lot of self-motivation and dedication. I usually admire the foreign exchange students. Theere's this one girl in my class, she has a heavy accent and is from China, English is her 2nd language, she can't even speak it, but she's the top student in our Bio class. Ouch! I don't even know how she does it, but people like her really amaze me!


With studying for exams, I know this is a bad habit, but most college students usually cram the night before. I works for me. It's different from when you are in high school. You are forced to actually go to class all the time, and the teacher babysits you, makes sure that all work is done and complete.


In high school, teachers basically hold your hand, and in college, you either sink or swim...so don't give up. Everyone has their own study skills, so do what works best for you.


Good Luck!

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