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1 month later x replies to email, what do you make of it?

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Hey guys here is the email that I sent my ex girlfriend after not speaking for so long. It is followed by her reply to my email, tell me what you guys make of it?


This is my email



I was cleaning my room and came accross a picture of you. It made me think that we have not spoken in a while. I wanted to say hi and see how things were going with you? Hope that you are having a good summer, and sumo is being a good (2nd cutest) puppy. Anyway I have been so busy with work and family issues! Other than that all is well on my end. I would love to hear from you if you get a chance.Always



This is her email back to me!



Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you but I have been busy with school

and everything. Nothing too exciting going on here, not that there ever is.

I am finally finishing up my last year at UO, though it seems like it has

taken forever, it feels like time is just flying by.

It's good to hear that you are staying busy and doing well. Tell your

family hello, and Jeremy that I still love him Hope to hear from you

again (don't be a stranger).

Take care,


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No I have not responded and the truth is that even though it sounded friendly, I have been dying to talk to her. That is what stinks about email, is that yo can keep all emotion out of it. Do you think it is the same for her, you know keeping emotion out of it?

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Hi Kantore !


She did indeed appear to respond in the same tone and style that you did. I ask you this however : did you write and not really disclose emotions for her so as to ensure she responded?


Are you looking at getting emotionally involved with this girl again? She sounds like she is interested in being your friend, but I wouldn't be too sure that she wants to get all emotional with you. That might be a bit close to the bone for her.


You should reply to her, and suggest that you guys meet for a drink and a chat or whatever - see what she has to say about that. You will be able to tell more, as you said, in person rather than an e-mail !


Hope this helps you some,

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It sounds like she is trying to keep things positive. Maybe, you could ask her if you could give her a call. After all, she says that she doesn't want to be strangers right?!


If I got an email like that, especially from an ex that I didn't like, I wouldn't really hint on keeping in touch.


Give her a call, and progressively talk to her more, then see what happens.


Good luck!

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why is it after breakups people lean towards email messages to get in contact with one another? my ex leaves me hanging after 3 years.....and then decides shes going to contact me through an email.....??? i find this to be pretty lame. we spent countless nights/days together and she cant even pick up the phone. it seems like a cowardly thing to do in my opinion.

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You are right about email'ing. You can communicate and completely hide feelings, emotions, etc. whereas in person or on the phone you are more vunerable. Email her again. It sounded like it was a pleasant surprise that you got in touch with her. This time reveal more to her - instead of admiting you "ran accross a picture of her" and it made you realize you had'nt talked to her in awhile - tell her how it really made you feel - that you miss her, that you think about her often (i.e. when NOT finding her picture even) and ask her if she'd like to get together. If she says she's not interested - that can be your closure, your clue to move on for good and stop living in the past. Good luck!

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