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I have some serious issues. HELP!!!!!


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To my horror, I found out the girl I like has a boyfriend, and that he does not go to my school. To make things a little bit worse, he goes to a Catholic prep school which is ranked in the top 50 in many of their athletic programs (football for them is probably in the top 25) and the guys that go there probably look like Schwarzenegger (its a school built up on athletics). I do get along well with this girl, so I have two questions and no, one of them is not "should I be her friend?, which is similar to what some other people ask." They are: 1.) Ways to make me seem more impressive than that other guy, and 2.) What's the best way to handle this situation? Becoming Rocky Balboa is probably not the right answer, but that would be cool. I know this question has been asked before, but I have not gone out with a girl yet (I'm 15) and I have never encountered this situation. Thanks.


P.S.-I know to "leave it alone", but I feel I have a shot and this girl is "1 in 1000+", no joke.

P.S.2- Based on that we have similar personalities, I feel that if I went out with her, it would be for a while.

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Hi DaXMan !


Again, the same situation. You risk loosing everything should you persue this one. I also ask you this:


Lets say you talk to her, and she dumps her boyfriend for you. What is to stop her doing the same thing to you - and would you really go out with a girl who would do that to someone ?


She is probably going to have no respect for someone who thinks she should do it either !


Trying to break people up for your own pleasure generally ends in failure because simply put - it is not a nice thing to do !!


However, if you insist on trying to win her : read the following.

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I kno its hard but can't u just stay put and wait till somethin happens between them? Ok maybe even if u go 4 it, u could realise that it just ain't gonna happen and u might give up so it doesn't matter what u do really i don't think.


What i wanted 2 say was practically covered by Charmed, not a lot i can add.


Do what u feel right, give it a few days and make the decision, u're most likely 2 b 2 clouded to do so now. u neva kno what's right or wrong so just do what feels right. One side is, she could b the one and the only way u can find out is 2 go 4 it and the other is u could get totally hurt in the process and another side i see is that she could do the same 2 u.


If u wanna impress her the only way i think u could do that is let her kno u, let her see who u are, don't pretend 2 b someone else coz if she's gonna fall 4 u, it might as well b the real u...it's only a matter of time b4 secrets are revealed.


hope that helps a bit,

Happy Heb

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