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I Can't Tell If She Likes Me or Not

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Here's my debacle: There's this really cute girl that I've known for about 3 years. Thing is, I never actually liked her until this year (junior year; high school- she's a freshman). And now that I'm around her, I can't stop feeling this way. I KNOW that she "likes me as a friend", but what I can't tell is if she likes me enough to go out with me. How can I tell? And if she doesn't, what am I doing wrong? Please help me.

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Well the main thing you need to do is find out what this girl thinks of you. Maybe go for a walk with her and just tell her that for the past little while you have had a bit stronger feelings for her other than just friendship. see what her reaction is. if she says she just wants to be friends, it might not be that you are doing something wrong, she really could just want to be your friend because she values the friendship, or maybe she likes someone else, or sorry to say it she may not be attracted to you, which you can not to anything about. the easiest thing to do is to say if she says just friends, is that her friendship means a lot to you and you hope tlaking to her about it won't make things weird. if she is mature and adult about it than things will be the same as they have been for you. if she says she kinda likes you to, then there you go, whole problem solved, you have nothing to worry about, just ask her out for lunch or to see her on the weekend or something, and things will go from there. goodluck

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