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I recently started college and there's this girl on the bus whom I see almost every day. I started to feel attracted without having ever met her.


I've turned to look at her, and many times I've have seen her looking back at me. The first time, her eyes darted away really quick, which, based on some of my previous actions with other people, is okay. I guess it means she's a little shy. I've recently started to say things to her, but nothing really about her or myself, just things like, "Hey (her name), how was class?" and some mundane observations. The talks are short, though, and then we just kinda sit silently in close proximity for the 20 minute bus ride.


At first, she seemed quite happy talking with me, but the last few days, she seemed a little uninterested, although we did maintain good eye contact. You think she might just be a little bit nervous or shy? She does seem a little fidgety, and she smiles and stuff like that, but maybe she's only feigning interest to not come off as rude.


Any tips? Should I keep talking to her? I don't want to be one of those annoying chowderheads who doesn't know when to keep his big yap shut, but I'd like to know if she's interested without walking straight up to her and asking, "Hey, are you intersted in me?" I've yet to just walk up to her and say anything, anyways...usually I wait for her to get on the bus first so I can sit near (but not right next to) her, and then I'll say something.


Yeah, I'm totally lacking confidence, but I have a lot more than I used to, so it's not as bad as it could be. I'd hate to just walk up to someone who has no interest in me and keep trying to make conversation.

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Hi Mickey Pie !!


You are doing exactly what you should be doing ! Perhaps you should take a morning or two, and not talk to her at all. See what she does. Then talk to her again the day after that. Perhaps you will be a bit wiser then - but maybe you won't !!


If you are no wiser after all that, perhaps you should talk to her when your are getting off the bus (not infront of a crowd), and see if she wants to meet up and hang out with you at the weekend or after school some evening ? Find out what she is interested in and use that as a talking point. She will like to talk about things she likes !


Hope this helps you some,

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