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When you makeout?

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Ok I madeout with this girl but we are just friends. Here is my question is it normal for the friendship to get uncomfrtbale? We use to flirt all of the time, but now we are distant. Is this normal? If you read my outher posts you will find out that I like her. So is this me just beening shy? Or is there something up? One thing I should tell you that she started the whole makeout by asking me "why havent you kissed me yet?". Well all help will be nice.

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Hey go talk to her go out with her , she may be feeling rejected that you haven’t called or spoken to her , give her credit she made the first move ,



so she likes you and wants to go out with you get over your shyness and go hangout with her , it will only feel weird if u make it weird , just chill


out and hang with her .. don’t make a big deal out of it .. call her right now and be nice

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we have hanged out after that but I feel that we are more distant now. I am taking her out on Thursday and I will talk to her then. But more help would be nice. One more thing thanks shyguy24 for all of the avice that you have given me.

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I am just curious... is this the same girl from "New problem..."?


Either way, congrats.... take a minute to ignore all the other factors, like how you may feel awkward, and look at the fact that you have wanted this girl for however long and you are finally taking her out (...and making out...)

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You are more than welcome , when you hung out with her on Thursday , when u said u felt distant ..what do you mean ..like she didn’t talk to you



like you expected or her reactions were cold or indifferent ..whose idea was it to hangout .. did she call or did you ..

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Yes..... it is the same girl. We kissed then that happed I am trying to see if this is a common thing that happens. When friends make out. Oh yea if you would like me to tell the hole story I will tell it for you.

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I whent over there on tuesday becouse it was her birth day. Just the out of the blue I thought that it would be nice to say "happy birthday" to her. When I went over there I told her happy birthday and she sead "thanks" and then she walked away and started to do some things. I stood there for about 15min and then I exused my self and I sead that I have to go. Becouse it was veary uncofertable just standing there. Right before I left I asked her what she is doing on thursday, she responded by saying " Nothing" so I asked her out. well I hope that this helps shyguy24 with your question.

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Hmm mate u got to take more interest in her , I know its hard when you are shy but she shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable I believe that is because you are very tense or apprehensive about the whole thing … be comfortable go upto her and say .. what u doin .. can I help ..ure looking real nice ..give her compliments..genuinely tell her ..her hair looks nice or whatever u find attractive about her ..don’t just walk away and feel shes got take the intiative all the time , get hold of her by her arm and say hey its your birthday lets go celebrate ..coffee ..dinner ..on me ..


See what I am saying is that be a little aggressive .. if she likes dancing then get hold of her and start dancing with her , be a little daring … its okay because she is a good friend of yours and not a stranger …she will like that ..don’t take no for a answer unless she is very serious ..girls like two things … compliments and being pampered ..


So now when you see her on thusday don’t be on a low key go there as if that’s the last date u ever gonna have with a girl..


Put real effort into it ..go with a big smile , crack a few jokes compliment her and pamper her flowers ..chocolates ..u have to try .. before u see the results


Just one ques how old are you ? and the girl is how old

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Well you are old enough .. take the intiative don’t let her feel that you are insecure or smthing ..women want a man not a mouse (this is the general rule not aimed at you) if she feels that she will have to nurse you in this relationship all the time it might turn her off .. so go on and do what I told you or something on similar lines ..very important to be comfortable around people we like and not to get intimidated in any way …so go on mate (hey I am 24 and it took me a while to get comfy around women ) don’t wait that long.. its like anything in life you have to work at it

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