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back again for more advice

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sorry for the second post but I need more help,


me and this girl nancy I have been hanging out with went to a creek near my house, we sared a fire just us two, I asked here and she odesnt want a steady relationship but she said we will be buddys, but yet she allways snuggles with me and hold my hands in the truck and and squeezing them when she talks to me. she also allways bite piecies of gum in half and gives me the other at the creek she even came walking down the bank in here underwear. Is this girl being the tipicle girl and no telling me the truth or is she serious she only wants to be friends. I want to kiss her and have asked her if she would slap me if I kissed her she no and say it anit like I would think it was gross or anything! should I kiss this girl and really see or do you think I am wasting my time

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i'm not shure what to tell you, i have allways been the flit of the school and was told i was the guy to talk to about a fun date, but i have never been able to have a stedy Gfriend, thay way that sound i think she must trust you or at lest like you somwhat to be so close and frinedly with you, but i understand that is is vary hard to know when thay will not tell you.


You can allwas try talking to one of her friends, but then that will most liky get right back to her. i think if i were in your place i would try to pry alittle without really letting her know you like her, look for changes in her voice and infection, and also look at how she looks at you. somtimes you can tell with only there eyes.


best of luck to you, i really don't know what to tell you more then that.

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awwwww, she totally likes you!!! \ You better just kiss her when you can feel that she wants to be kissed buy you....and you will feel it when she wants it. But from what I have read in your post, she is so in to you, shes just playin hard to get....girls do that alll of the time!! so just go for it!

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Go for it, the basis of a strong relationship is friends, ive always lernt that. If you start with just sex it can come to a horrid end as when the lust wares off, there is nothing. But it sounds to me that you have a very firm ground to start a relationship. Kiss her when it feels right, other wise, she could drift, maybe shes waiting for you to make a move??

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