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i love him....

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ok so there is this guy who well i love and i cant tell him cuz something is like telling me to just wait but i think i need to tell him....but i dont know how without him freaking out...he kinda already knows that i love him. but i havnt SAID it myself.

so tonight im talking to him and hes telling me that he got this job offer..and im like great...and hes like well kinda,ill be on the road..for months at a time..and im like oh..and if he takes this job he will have to leave on the 13th of this month.

so im thinking that maybe i need to tell him how i feel before he makes up his mind...i mean i dont want to stop him from doing something u know...but i love the guy and i dont want him to leave.

please help me ASAP

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I'm not sure if you telling this guy that you love him is going to make him stay. Your intentions of telling him are for him to stay...But it should be so much more...It should be because you want him to know how much you care...enough to say the words to him. It should be because you want him to love you in return... I don't know ...but make sure that if you really truly love him you won't hold him back from something he wants to do...and if the love is meant to last...you two will still love one another when he is away ... I hope everything works out the way you want them to... But when he does leave...dont' give up hope on what you believe in... Your love for him....

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I dont think telling him will make him stay. But it will make you feel better knowing that you told him. I will hurt when he leaves but at lease you told him how you feel. I hope that this helps you, I wish you the best of luck with telling him.

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