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From what it seems like, do u think he likes me?


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Some of u may have read my story about meeting Steve on saturday night. He was skateboarding and i gave him my number, and he called all night adn then i cale dhim sunday. Well i saw him again walkin home, and he whistled very loud and then i was like stopped at a YIELD sighn lol ( dont kno how to explain it ) and he like dropped his skateboard and ran over to me and was like HEY I KNO U, and i was like ur steve right ( cuz i didnt really see him well on saturday night, and he was like ya an dthne i had to go b/c of the traffic. Well i feel really bad that i couldnt say hi or even bye, and i was wondering if i should call him tonite. I really want to, just to let him kno i didnt blow him off ya kno?


From what it seems like, do u think he likes me?


And do u think i should call him tonite? If u think so i really need to kno son because i dont want to call his house late, if he has little borthers or sisters. So ne advice PLEASE help me out soon.


Thanks everyone.



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