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I recently met this guy who I think is incredible. We have been friends for a month now and I am physically attracted to him. I get butterflies in my stomach when i'm near him and our moral values, desires, backgrounds are similar.


I know he is attracted to me and has kissed me. There was absolutely no chemistry in the kiss. it was the worst. i just didn't feel it, but i was also very nervous. but yet i dream that there might be chemistry at a later point...is this possible?


i think perhaps one reason i was nervous was that he mentioned (before we went on a few dates) that he wasn't looking for a relationship. this scared me from the beginning. a 28 yr old guy who is not looking to commit raises red flags. i am 25 yrs old and not looking for marriage or anything, but I don't like to doom a relationship from the beginning with such stipulations. i just don't want to get hurt- i feel as though i could fall in love with this guy, but i need to take his hint at face value..that he's not looking for anything serious. needless to say, i've pushed him away since the kiss, yet I really wish to pursue him. can i ever feel the kiss though it wasn't there the first time... or am i wasting my time, since he's not looking for a relationship.



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Hey well ive been in ur postion and believe me i no ur probably thinking hell fall in love with me and eventually want a relationship with me...but it wont happen becasue they have some big issues there are dealing with

sometimes when ur lonely u put up with things like this just to have soemone and i used to do this to...but serious i never really believed in a soul mate before but honestly its a true thing and now that i have found mine u look back on ur life and realize men like that didnt really love or like you at all..becaus when a man really loves you hell do anything for u ..go anywhere for you ...and yes they will call when they say they will

so really plz move on because hes got a big wall up and u probably dont want to see whats on the other side anyways and keep looking for the "one" because hes oput there and when u find him ull no

good luck

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You say there was no chemistry in the kiss. Ok, so he didn't move your world but does that really matter?


Why push him away just because of that? - Surely the more intimate you get with eachother the better things will get. They do say practice is perfect!


So he doesn't have what it takes to be a good kisser huh? - Work on it with him - Don't shut him out!


Good luck


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