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If I see a girl i like, how do i approach her?


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I have a question,


If I see a girl i like, how do i approach her? I am above average in looks, so i wont scare her away, but how would you women like a man to approach you? should i say, "are you taking spanish?" in colledge, or at the mall, "hey how are you? can we talk?" i dont know. If i dont get a girlfriend in 1 week, i will get married to the lady my dad picked out for me.


I need your guys advice on how to get a girlfriend in america.

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There are alot of girls in my school that i like. I am from Madrid. Alot of girls like me, but they are really ugly. I am an atoustanding model. If you see me you will be like, "wow he's hot, but he has a girlfriend,"



I like girls in my colledge. Alot of them are from america. Should i tell them that i am from spain?


How do i talk to them?

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My advice, don't use pick up lines really, because most girls will not think you are looking for a girlfriend with most of them. And be careful, confidence is attractive, but not cockiness. The easiest way to strike a conversation is to find some common ground. If you are behind her in the line at the food court, and she orders something you like, say "Hey, thats my favorite, too" or if the line is really long, make a casual complaint about waiting, just something that you can both relate to, and hopefully base a conversation on. That seems to be the most natural way to start out, because not only are you already sharing an interest in food or disinterest in waiting in line, but you don't seem like a sleaze ball hitting on every girl in the mall. But, if you choose to use a pick up line, don't be cheesy, just be yourself. If you notice she has beautiful curly hair, walk up and tell her, genuinely. Those are usually the easiest ways to meet a potential girlfriend, and not a one night stand.

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hey man in order to get a girl you have to be confident and also you need to be able to make them laugh because if they don't laugh then it's a boring relationship so just find a girl your interested in and just start talking to her and be friendly with her and you'll be able to get a girl in no time at all so remember to be nice to them while in the same time, joke around like your kind of a jerk and they'll be more attracted to you and not know quite why. so just be patient and take your time with one girl and you'll be able to get her.

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