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very close best friends / or more? [sorry- long]

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hello everyone!


i am really confused about the state things are with me and my best female friend (my ex...).




it all started in May... me and her hardly knew each other, but both knew we had strong feelings for one another... so at one point, after being pressured by people, and not wanting to miss my chance, i asked her out, she said yes... awesome... everything seemed fine.. but of course, it couldn't have been... we weren't used to being with one another almost everyday, so both of us became people we weren't really.... so after 1.5 months we broke it off, not in a fight... just all cool... both of us were hurt.. but wounds seemed to heal quite fast...


after 1 week of hardly seeing each other, and hardly any talking, me and her started to meet again, as friends...

from then 'til now, we have built up a huge friendship, and she is now my best 'female' friend, (of course i also have a best 'male' friend... who is also a very good friend of her.)


so since then... me, her and my best 'male' friend met up A LOT, and when i say A LOT i mean... for example, in the summer holidays, we met up everyday practically... lol

and now that we got school again, we still meet up a lot, as in... every chance we get...


during that time, she told us she had a crush on this 18yr old guy (we're skaters, so is he, she got to know him through us...) but nothing really developed between them, they've made out once... that's it.. she still says she has a crush on him though. but doesn't want to get together with him, for reasons i'm not aware of.

but now, there is this other guy, he's 17 (skater) lol... and she says she thinks he's really hot... but i know she wouldn't start anything with him, well i think she won't...'cause he smokes and shit..


another thing, the reason why i doubt that she wants to start something with me again, is because she tells everyone she doesn't, for eg. a friend of mine, she only knows her over the internet, she asked my ex wether she'd consider getting back together with her ex? and she said 'yes- not him' and with 'him' she meant me.... so i dunno...


now, this is the bit i'm confused with...

she does this quite often.... for example, takes my skateboard, and runs off with it, making me run after her to get it back....

or last time, after she left the bus, i was still inside, and i looked at her, and she blew me a kiss (or something that looks like it... she did the usual 'blowing a kiss' thing, but then instead of keeping the hand flat, she showed me 'peace' with her fingers, lol... you know? meh...


and she does other things like those quite a lot.

and to be completely honest, i am perfectly fine with staying on the 'best friends' level with her, but of course i wouldn't mind getting together with her again..


and i don't want to blow everything, by asking her.... it's not worth the risk i'd say...


but what do you guys say?


thanks a lot for reading. means a lot to me.



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She is a good friend , keep her that way you guys are most comfortable that way and maybe a few years later when and if the opportunity comes you can always ask her out .


What I am saying is don’t ruin a beautiful friendship , I mean friends are forever and relationships are not simple as that not atleast till a later stage , imean whats the hurry anyway you guys are good friends , let her suggest it if she flirts with you then flirt with her more ..hehehe..have fun ,don’t look for more let her !


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