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I Dont KNow what is going on!!!!!HELP

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I have been with my girlfriend for about 1 month and 2 weeks .... we had no sex nor really talked about it .... we were doing great... Last Saturday Night we had a few drinks at a buddy's house and and later on that evening i asked her if she would like to lay down for about an hour or so because she had to get home for work the next day.....we went to the bedroom and we brgan to kiss as i continued ... i finally decided to go down on her (eating her out and getting pleasure from her enjoyment) i never made penetration because there was no time to finish the job if i would have but i was pretty sure she enjoyed what she received in that hour..... after that night we really having talked about what i did ... nor anything about sex..... she dosent call me as much as she use to but we still are bf/gf and we still go out on the weekends.........but i feel we dont talk enough... and i dont know how to tell her .......i really care for her ..... i guess i am considered what you call a romantic... what can i do or say .... or whatever suggestions on places to go, subjects to talk about , or any suggestions to brighten this relationship please help......

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I agree....tell her that you really enjoyed your time together and that you hope she enjoyed it as well (as I'm quite sure she did!) and that you'd just like to know that she's okay with what went on. There's no sense in waiting and wondering, just come right out with it and let her know that you care for her very much and only want what's best for her, and what she enjoys. Let her know that if she's not comfortable with a situation at any time, you'll respect her wish and stop doing whatever you're doing, or if she has a problem with something in general, that she's free to tell you so it can be worked on. Make the lines of communication open right from the start, it'll get you so much further!

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