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I have posted before about my boyfriend and his phone relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Well, we have been back together for six months and I am having that feeling again that he is talking to her. Last time I found out by actually calling her. She told me everything I needed to know to break up with him. I gave the relationship another chance but I am starting to see the same signs I saw before??? Should I call her again? I mean I know I gave him a second chance but if she says they are talking again at least I can move on with my life. Right now, he just denies everything, he did that before and when I decided to get the nerve up to call his ex I found out he lied about everything! I guess my question is...If I am having those gut feelings again should I call her again to see if they are talking? Thanks for your help...my gut feelings are eating away at me...

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I was in a relationship where something similar happened, only my ex cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend. Before I really knew this, I gave him a few chances. But I learned in the end to trust my instincts.

Even if he isn't talking to her again, it sounds like there are trust issues and they will always be present unless you either work through these issues with your boyfriend (counseling?) or move on.


Take care!

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