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Does family really matter in a relationship.


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I guess the answer is - it depends.


If the girl is really close to her family and they hate her boyfriend - yes I think that will really hurt the relationship. She would probably value their opinion and would be hesitant to ruin her closeness over a guy.


If the girl isn't that close to her family anyway, then it probably won't matter. But him having become physically violent is a really bad sign so hopefully she is keeping her eyes open.

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Hi Eve2000,


Things are always going to be messy when family are not approving of a relationship. No matter what, if a family push a childs partner out the door, then that puts their child in a very awkward position. The child must choose, and many times, the child will choose the partner over the parent. However, of the relationship does not last, the child goes back to the family, as blood is thicker than water as they say.


The family shouldn't be putting their daughter in this situation - it has no constructive aspect to it other than perhaps driving them closer together. Obviously they do not approve for some reason. She should be looking at ways to solve the rift between them. There is obviously something that is making them not like this guy, and work should be done on that. If the situation is let to continue, lack of communication and anger and fear will result in a very messy situation altogether.


Hope this helps some,

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