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Awful Weekend, Scared and Falling Apart

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Hi Princess 777,


Sorry to hear you had a bad weekend. It seems that you have a few tough, yet managable, days ahead of you.


Your best friend is communication, and you appear to be doing that - so thats a great start ! The thing about this court appearance is that you must appear on your husbands side - the ever loving and supporting wife. So no matter what you hear in court, don't react to it - thats what any prosecution would look for by provoking to get the reaction to win their case. You and your husband need to appear as very respecting citizens who are genuinely in a situation fuled by alcohol.


It will be a tought time, but you can get through this no problems. Just be strong, and plan for the light at the end of the tunnell - and no matter what, keep up the communication with your husband. It truly sounds like you are both on the same team. Congrats on being so supportive to him

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