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Why are people like this?

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Last weekend I had a small cellphone problem, so I was without a phone for the weekend. So this past weekend I was at my friends house watching a dvd when my other friend sends me a text saying something like: Are you going to the bar tonight? My reply was something like: Might be there later. Well much later I am driving home when my friend phones me and says are you still coming to drink, so I say yeah just one beer will be good. So I get there and my friend says why did you ignore all my calls and text messages last weekend? And I say: Because my phone is broken. So this chump turns around and says: Im not going to say I told u so but I told u Motorola was a $**t phone. I just needed a second to hear this and I turned around and said to him f*** u, u r just angry because u get a lift with me to the bar and u couldnt get one last weekend. Then he says oh yeah I can get a lift with anyone. Say I say to him well next time u want to go then ask them for a lift, dont call me. Then he just turns around and walks away mumbling something to himself.

So did I do the right thing, I might loose a friend, but do friends say things like that? Anyway that is my question why do people say things like that, is it alcohol, bad attitude. I am a bit confused.


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I think that your friend was a bit up set cos they feel used, and obviously it seems as tho there is a trust issue. If you get to chat to your friend again just explain and say to them that, I know I was telling the truth and if you don't then its not worth the friendship.


Some people think its ok to talk to friends like that but don't put up with it. You did noting wrong.


But I think you should think to your self what has set your friend off, could it be something which happened in the past? That the trust is not there.

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People can turn really nasty when they feel like they're being ignored for some reason.


I know what's been happening with your phone as it happened to me. It wasn't actually my phone that was the problem but the Network Operator.


My friend sent me a "good morning" text and I responded the same. Later he said, "Is everything all right, duck?" I replied saying that it was and I was busy in the kitchen. The next message was someting similar and I replied. The last message was, "If you no longer want to speak with me, at least have the decency to say so rather than ignore me." I replied saying, "I HAVE been replying!" But then it occurred to me that he may not have been receiving my messages because sometimes the Network keeps hold of them and sends them all in one go. So, I phoned him. He didn't sound too convinced but he decided not to argue the point. A few hours later, he text me in surprise saying that he received all my messages at once.


Something which everyone with a mobile phone must realise, is that they're sending text messages aren't always 100% successful. If everyone's aware of this, they'll be less upset with their friends if they don't reply.

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