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Replies would be nice, but I just need to talk...


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This is my problem in a nutshell... I am shy, hence being at this site. I tend to get less shy once I get a feel for the people around me. I had a job this summer where I basically didn't say a word for the first couple days but after that I was as "normal" and open and talkative with those people as anyone else. That situation happened to turn out better than most of them...


In the department of girls... I've never had a girlfriend, never had a kiss, nothing!!! Never even asked anyone out. Oh yeah, I'm 19 and in my second year of college... so you can start to see a problem... I know that my biggest problem is that I am so scared to talk to a girl that I wait too long and end up hurting myself even more than getting rejected. I usually end up just sitting and observing my surroundings and thinking about what I should say... by the time I am ready to speak up the conversation has moved on...


Now I'm starting to babble... and I think I'm talking my problem in circles... like it is in my head when I think about it... so I'll stop now... Anyway, let me know what you think, or at very least, let me know somebody is listening...


Thanks a bunch, WhyAmIShy



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I totally understand what you are saying. I'm shy too, VERY shy. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I do have a bf that I've had for about 8 months now, but love comes to every one at different times. you are not alone with the whole dating late thing. there are many people on this site who are older than you havent had a gf either. just try your best to get the courage to say hi to a girl you might be interested in. & be confident because if you are confident, it shows no matter how shy you are.

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okay, here is the deal. you should probly have at least gone out w\ a girl by now but if you havnt dont worry. im not going to tell you to wait for the right one because if you dont make a move they will loose interest. Why dont you go to somewere not to far were you dont know anybody and just flirt with them, if you screw up WHO CARES!? they dont know you and you will probly never see them agian. =} Just practice a little and maybe you will hit it off with one of em'. although I would suggest not going to a singles bar LoL. but then if you dont hit it off with one of them maybe you will have enough confidence to ask someone out who does go to your school or something.

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i know exactly what you are going through im 17 and the closest thing ive been to with a girls is a hug try using your shyness to tour advantage example "hey im really scared talking to you ... blah blah blah ya know dont try to change who you are or how you act find a girl who thinks its sweet that your nervous talking to her (it may make her feel nice to see that she has that affect on you) any way i hope this makes sense to you and it helps you


good bye and goodluck

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Ok so you know that you are not alone I am 21 I did not go out on a date until after high school and the first date she asked me out, then I got alittle bet braver but I have go out on like 15 dates from 18 until now. so dont feel bad about it. Not having a g/f I know that too I dont have one all so (and I might loose the only girl soon if I dont act, but shyness is hard to over come, and when I get over my shyness I will tell you how.)

kissing until about 3 weaks ago I havent kissed someone, she had to ask me why I havent kissed her yet. Like you can see I can give advice but I have a hard time taking it becouse I am so shy. Well I hope that this helps you. If you need to talk to someone that has been in this befor you may PM me or email me my email is email removed Well I wish you the best of luck with your shyness.


P.S. If you find out how to get over shyness please tell me how.

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