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Well, I got the word in no uncertain terms.

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I feel like a real jerk.

Somebody I thought really liked me, acted as if he did, but gave me mixed signals, just told me that all he wants to do is play in a band with me, doesn't want anything more. Now, I really liked this guy, but there was always something not quite right. Of course, he told me this by email, and naturally, I defended myself, by saying "What a ridiculous notion, there was nothing that I ever wanted more out of you than just being bandmates and buds". I do have some self respect. So, in one way, I'm really relieved, and in another, I feel rejected in a major way. Oh well. At least I know whazzup now.

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Hey screw telling him how u really feel not worth it if he dosent feel the same way .. only going to make u feel bad .


So sorry it turned out this way, but better to be single then with the wrong person and get hurt later on .


The way I would look at is that its his loss if he dosent want to know you better , but then we cant get along with everyone in this world.


Just one thing did u tell him how u felt ..i mean how did he mail u on the subject or was he just assuming too and being defensive.

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Hi Shy,

He was, like, totally defensive. And if someone is so obviously conflicted, that right there is a clear indication that, "DON'T GO THERE" is the big red sign posted on the barbed wire electric fence, which this man has surrounded himself with. I'm sure not going to push the issue. He says he's not interested, and maybe this is such a good thing. Somewhere out in the big world is the right man for me. Probably in some dusty library in Britain, Argentina, or Czech Republic, dreaming revolutionary dreams.


I'm so tired of non - committal weirdness and fear of relationships. Somehow, in other countries, people think that it's normal for human beings to need love. America is too harsh of a place sometimes as concerns that. Seriously. My European, and South American friends all expect to get together with someone, and stay together. All my American friends expect to get together with someone, and eventually break up, it's just a question of when, how, and who does whom the dirty first. Sad but true. America can be such a great country, but the man-woman hate thing has got to stop. It's such BS.

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