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2 Questions about guys and guy friends

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OK, First off, me and this guy, Brian, liked each other at the beginning of the year. I found out he liked me since last year, and we have one class together, and our sitting arrangement is: me, Brandon (later on him) and him. Well, I had a party and this dude I thought I was over came to it and we kissed, so I liked him again (his name is Wes) and my feelings for Brian kinda..went away. Well, I always told Brandon and talked to him b/c he was cool and didnt go tell everyone what I told him. Well, Wes never called me and I never saw him again. Brian didnt ever know about that and he still thought I liked him, but I thought he knew I didnt. So Brandon kept asking me if I liked him and I was like, "noo.." and so Brandon told him. Well, me and Brandon started to like each other and I truly like him now. Well, Brian isnt taking this to well, and he made up this whole stupid story about Brandon being expelled about drugs and stuff. I found out it wasnt true and I kept asking him to PLEASE tell me if he was kidding, but he swears he wasnt. I was so mad at him when I found out I couldve killed him. He gets mad at me when I ask where Brandon is, and acts all annoyed.


Cant he just be a good sport and deal with it? Him and Brandon are supposed to be FRIENDS, and he makes up some seriously messed up **** that had me worried sick about him, and I think that was way below the belt. What was he thinking? Was that a last resort to try to get me to think Brandon wasnt right for me?? Cant he stand just being my friend???



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ok i can tell you from my experience right now... hes just jealous that he cant have you because you like someone else. my advice is to talk to brian about your feelings for brandon(i think i got that right) and tell him that yall are still friends and nothing will change no matter what and so on and so forth... hope that helps


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