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I chose internet over fun stuff

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Hi. Let's just start


I spend too much time online, chatting to friends, play, and stuff like that.

When someone asks me to do sometthing fun, like come over to someone's house, I usually say no, cuz I want to sit in front of my computer, talking to ppl who I don't even know in real life. I wasn't like that always, just became it when we moved to another city.

Now I have nothing to talk about with "reality" people, and as I said, I'm not interested in being at a party, and I don't have boyfriend, cause I am ashamed of myself, and have no idea why. I have a great body, much better than most of girls in my school, I wouldn't say I'm ugly, but I'm not the best lookin in school either.

So my quiestion are:


1. How can I let myself out and have fun at some party or something

2. Why one day I love myself and think Im beautiful, then another day I think I'm ugly.

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1) Ease yourself into it - you dont' have to run out partying every day to be social. You must have some real life friends if you've ever stepped out of the house, see what they're up to. Find some other way to spend your day other than in front of the computer, its great to have friends online but people need to socialize and share time with people or spend time with themselves. If you already have someone you consider a best friend you're half way there - start with them.


2) Self Esteem - some people have more than others but if you can look at yourself once in awhile and say "ya, i am good looking" - trust that feeling, it means you've realized something other people already know about you.


take care

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There is nothing is wrong with sitting in front of your computer.


It is simply something that you enjoy. It is a means of communication. The way of the future. Just as some enjoy sitting on the phone all day, you chose your online computer.


So relax on that one.


Once a week go out with your friends. Do something fun. The added fun will be great.


The reason why you have the confusing feelings of one minute thinking you look nice and then the opposite the next is your own mental decision to think that. Remember reality, if you know you are beautiful. Then that is just it.


You are beautiful. There may be days when you feel that way. During those days, take a longer shower, put on a nicer outfit, constantly remind yourself that you are beautiful.


You can do it.

Good luck to you.

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May I suggest that your first priority is not to judge yourself from "the outside," as in how ppl might judge your appearance or your life online. Judge yourself from the "inside," as in do you really think it's wrong to have an online life and do you really think there's anything to be ashamed of in how you look? Once you have a sense that you are the ultimate judge of yourself, then it will be a lot easier to venture out into this new school or environment that you're in.


So, the next thing is to go to a party, and give it a little time and hang out, and if you're having fun, or want to stay, then stay, but if you're not having fun, feel free to leave. Feel free to go to parties or not go, as you see fit. If the people you encounter are cool and you click with them, then cool you'll want to go back. If not, then they're not your friends anyway, so why worry. If you always go around with that feeling of being connected to yourself and wanting yourself to be happy, then you will find the people and circumstances that make u happy and avoid the ones that do not. That will be the best way to be happy and content in your life.

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I understand this one. Well I think that you should do something at least once a week that gets you out. It is so nice to have a few friends that will be there physically for you too to give you a hug or something if you need it. Do what makes YOU happy nobody else.

About thinking your beautiful one day and not the next....that happens everone has those days. Everyone is beautiful in their own way...nobody is just like you and that is true beauty...so cherish what you have and look in the mirroe and remind yourself that

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