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feeling self-consious talking to ex

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Ok here is another problem I got


I'm not all that self-comfident, but I have no problems talking to ppl, say stupid jokes, laugh, and stuff like that. But when I talk to my ex, I feel like I'm afraid to say something stupid, cuz some ppl male this face like: u ok? ... he's one of them. I was never scared to talk to him, but now I do, but I can't not talk to him.


What is it with me? Is everyone like that??

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I am exactly the same way, but i have no problem talking to my ex. I just have a problem i am going thru that when i do see her, i just can express myself as i used to and trust me, this is something i found is so very difficult to do. I mean, that feeling will always be there but, ill just have to keep it to myself. But back to what you were saying, i dont think it is not normal to be like that. I mean as from what i said, you might just not know how to act since you two are not together anymore. Hopefully after hanging out more maybe you will get used to it and then be more comfortable around him. I dunno if any of this helps, but hopefully something did.

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