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How to make new friends

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hey all,


I was just wondering how people make new friends now a days. My problem is I am 29 and all my close friends have moved so far away that I don't have anyone to do things with now a days . The friends I do have are very superficial friends and I am not close to them at all that if we do do anything it's like once a month. Anyways any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi there NATASH24!

I understand this situation and it can be very easy or very hard. Go out and meet new people at places that you enjoy to do things so that they have the same interests as you. Also keep and openmind I know that it can tend to be hard to meet someone new when they are not just like your old friends, but you will find that there are people in your exact same situation trying to the same

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Finding new friends is not really hard just challenging.


Join a group that supports your hobbies, ask some of your co-workers if any any of them enjoy what you do, look around in your church, or neighbors, try catching up with local old friends.


Either way it will take some daring first steps but you will meet some new friends.


Good luck to you.

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