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Ex having regrets

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Long story short me and my ex broke up around 4-5 months ago. We were together for 3 years. Two days after we broke up she was already sort of dating someone else. She admitted later that it was just a rebound. After we broke up or were in the process of breaking up I told her that if she slept with anyone else I would never take her back because she wouldnt be the same person to me(We were each otheres firsts) After the first guy didnt work out for whatever reason she went on this "I want to be single kick" which lasted a whole 3 weeks. She felt the need to call me and give me updates throughout the summer on how things were going for her. Her and I really dont speak anymore because I got sick of making the effort to be her friend when she was being cruel about it. Well two weeks ago she called me friend and somehow the topic of conversation became sex and she told him she had slept with her current boyfriend and she regretted it and didn't know what to do. I just found out about this last night so its just really messing with my head and I need a place to vent. Just really odd timing, I finally am past it enough to start dating again, I went on my first date since just this last Tues then this happens. Ug just bad timing I guess

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Wow I know how you feel that must be hurting you. This is how I see it you were just about getting through this and hearing that put you over the edge. Your being tested to really see if she is right for you. Do you still want to be with her? Or was the date a good one? Just know this...beore you get back together know that YOU can accept what she has done, otherwise it will ruin the relationship a WHOLE lot more.

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The date went really really well, just a little weird because its been so long since I've actually done the whole dating thing. I dont really think I would take her back because I ment what I said and because of the things she did to me, I am however ready to take her back into my life as a friend if she apoligized for all the crap she put me through since we broke up. Its just alot to take in because she's been putting on this show about how she has never hurt a day since it happened even though it was more then obvious she was or she wouldnt be so quick to find a significant other. Just kinda confused because the girl I went on a date with is awesome and we both had a great time and we both want to do it again, but she's not really looking for anything right now and neither am I so its just seems real trival to date at this point but you have to start somewhere is the way I look at it.

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Hi there i know how you feel, i went out with my ex bf for 6yrs and he became abusive person and didnt trust me and shit and it hurt to break it off cause i tried giving it another go and he ws still the same abusive person so i just broke it off to him and he didnt seem to really mind i never showed him how it upset me but after a while when he left i kept on getting haunted by mermoires and thats what hurts me i dont miss him and when he use to hit me and shit i had a male friend there for me cause he use to call me a slut and a bitch and just recently i had a argument with my male friend who i trusted at the time when my ex bf caled me those names and my male friend called me those names and i kinda made up with him but it still hurts cause i thought i trustd him and he called me those names back to me but i dunnoo i feel like ive lost trust in my friend and i dunno if he was being a friend to me back then but i dunno if to give it time or what if i tell him hes just going to say i thought we put that shit behind us but he doesnt know how it affect me cause hes the only person i turned to when my bf called me those names and he just threw them back on me what should i do?


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