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heres da whole story in short.its quite a lengthy one.soz.


ummm...i had a LDR which was my first ever relationship with a girl and we broke up cos of someone she found closer to her.tht was bou a wk or so ago and i had lots of help from my friends.the one i turned to most was a girl who is a gd friend of mine and has been for quite a while.step aside from al da help and stuff,she is quite simply beautiful and has a personality i really like.i never realised it bt now i really like her.


i told her everything bou my troubles and she also found out tht i liked someone from my best m8.she questioned me on da phone who this person was and wouldnt stop so i gave in and told her tht she was da one i like.she was rather taken back.


talkin 2 her l8r,she told me tht she likes me 2 bt wants to take things slowly for my sake.however,i feel fine bou my last relationship and definitely wana move on.bt im nt sure if ive moved 2 fast into this.


we had a drink in a cafe and then jus hung out in town da other day.it was kinda awkward as we were friends b4 and now things are a bit different.however,i really wana go out with her proper and im nt sure should i wait for a while or jus go 4 it now?should i go out wit her a few more times jus 2 ensure i want it?

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