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G/f left me 2 months ago,she has a new b/f I still want her?

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Hello Everyone

My g/f of 3 years left me 2 months ago saying that we argued too much and that she needed space and that maybe things might work out later on.

I agreed although I was heartbroken.

The thing is that she started dating someone new a week or 2 after we broke up and I think they are still dating. That hurts.

The thing is with the realtionship is that I know that she loved me more than I loved her. I mean she did everything for me, she was the sweetest and she wanted to have kids and get married. She was persistent on the marriage and kids thing but I always back away from that subject.


After the break up for the first month we would talk a bit and I would mention that I was sorry for not treating her the way she deserved and that we should give our relationship another chance. She would always reply by saying that she is scared to come back, too afraid of getting hurt. Everytime that I would ask her it would make it harder and harder to heal after the break up. I've written her about 4 or 5 letters asking her to come back and saying I changed. I think I really did, I realized my mistakes.

But just last week I called her and we talk for a second and mentioned to me that she was with the new GUY at that moment and she felt very distant on the phone and kind of rushed to end the call. Well after that i got really upset and hurt and I wrote her a really nasty letter telling her that she is inconsiderate, selfish and just throwing the book at her, it was pretty harsh.

She called me the day she got it and was furious and telling me to never contact her again at that she would be over someday soon to pick up the rest of her stuff from the apt.


I know by contacting her so much about getting back together was only pushing her away and especially the last letter I wrote. What should I do now? Stop contact? I think so right?if I ever do believe there is a slim chance to work things out. I did write her a long letter recently about how much I was sorry about the letter I wrote to her and I pointed out my faults in the relationship and how I realize them now. In the letter I really opened up personally about myself on the reasons I failed her and why I was not always open with her and communicating.

So the question is , should I give her this letter and then just leave her be forever and go on with my life and leave it up to her to decide if she wants to get back together or just call me?



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