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I told co-worker I have more then just friend feelings

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I told my Co-Worker I have know and became best of friends over a 3 year period that I have more then just friend feeling for her, she said she was flattered and had never given any thought of me as ever being more then friends, I asked her if she did not currently have a boyfriend (2 years) would she be interested in going out, she said she supposed she would, but would not see any point to it, because we don't have a lot in common, the only example she could give is that I like the outdoors and she does not, in the time I had gotten to know her she would talk my ear off hours each day, I would listen and give advice, she admired me and she would smile very big at me, I told her I did not understand, that we talk and get along so well, that we have a lot in common, I told her that if she is not attracted to me, or did not feel the same way that I would just have to settle on being just friends, she said she talked to me so much becasue she needed companionship. I left work letting her know that I would be happy just being friends, she said that that would be fine with her and she did not want things to change, the next day her live-in boyfriend that she is always complaining to me about sent her a dozen red roses at work, now she acts like I don't exist will not even say Hi, my heart is broken why can't she be o.k. just being friends with me. I was sure that our friendship would be strong enough to handle this however she seems more upset and uncomfortable around me then I do around her. What is going on in this womens mind? Please help, send your advise please.



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She is confused. I am in the same situation, and she is confused. I am certain that she has feelings for you as well- genuine feelings. It seems though that although she enjoys the company of her boyfriend, you are offering her something that he can't. The only thing for you to do is to wait. Because she doesn't know what to think and pressuring the situation will only result in more pain. Give her space. And then you will eventually know what she is thinking.

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I agree with Prince - however - make sure you move on.

Do not hang onto the hope that one day she will decide you are the one for her - because that day may never come and you'll have passed up other opportunities that woudl have been 100 times better.


I'm goign through something similar - although I am starting to truly believe that she never had intentions on being with me at all. The time she spent with me, the laughter, the emails, it was insane - even people in the office (our own director) coming to me and commenting how much time she was spending around me, asking if I was interested because obviously she is.


Must move on, that's all I can say. I held on for a year - and each week you keep being hopefull, the longer it will take for you to accep the rejection and move onto bigger and better things.


Good luck!!!! Be strong...

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