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ok guys im new and i need serious help...i cry all the time over nuttin at all...n im in an 11 month relationship n we tend 2 fight a whole lot...n i get so sad n he gets so stressed tryin 2 keep me happy n things r juss fallin apart...wat am i supposed 2 do...im also a very dependent person on my boyfriend...n things r juss nuts...i need some 1 2 talk 2...please help me...am i depressed or what? please some 1 help

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yoga....zin...naw. yoga and stuff like it are more meant for a for of low impact exersize. you could do something like get counsiling and see what he sais that will probly help more than yoga ever would. But I must add that I do not like recomending perscriptions so only do this when\if you decide to get counsiling and the cousilor suggests it. and make sure you discuss it thouroghly first. just thought I would throw in my two cents. But really meditation only has a measured effect, not for heavy duty cases as yours sounds like.

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I don't know extactly why u are so sad... r u sad just out of nothing or is there something troubling u ...like family, bf, school etc....


try to figure out what it is that troubles u .... what r u options and consequences... and try to put urself in ur best friend's shoes ...what would u recommend she do in ur situation...


its kinda hard to give advice because i have no clue on why u r so sad... something is definitely bothering u ...to the pt of discomfort and u should try to get to the root of the prob ......


if u need someone to get some things of ur chest or just to chit chat u can pm me... sometimes all we need is to know that other pp care and that we're not alone..... so i commend u for finding this site... in ur troubled state u were proactive enough to reach out.... so thats a step in the rt direction......


Hope u feel better....

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have you lost your appetite, not been able to sleep, felt liike you were living in a haze of like someone put grey shades over your eyes? do you not enjoy doing things that you like to do. Do you feel like you need to relax but cant? These could be signs of depression. I agree that you should seek a counselor or a doctor to see if you could talk wiht someone about what troubles you. I got diagnosed after my divorce. some people say that writing helps, but I always felt that talking for me worked better. I also got on medication which helped a great deal. also. I would suggest that you try to find things of your own, thatings that are special to you only not necessarily your bf. That way you become less dependent on him and possibly less fights... good luck

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Hey girl-- I stumbled accross this site and readur posting. Ur depression could be beacuse u feel out of controll, like the floor is going to give in at any moment...dump ur boyfriend, if ur fighting its not worth it...life is short and there are somany great people out there that u can make an impat on. U could be PMSing I get very deopressed. Go to a therapist, everyone should be in therapy. Start exercising eat well, but don't cry!!! It will get better promise, you just have to deal with whatever is making you feel unsafe, probably something from your childhood, we are all screwed up in one way or another, but thats what gives us the ability to help each other. Trust me, find a good therapist, dump your boyfriend and schedule a night out with your girlfriends.. you'll feel renewed!

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