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How Long Before He Calls?


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Okay guys,


I'm at the point of NO CONTACT with my estranged husband. It's been a little over two weeks.


We've got 8 years of relationship (good/bad) between us, he's playing telephone with a woman 3000 miles away, and head games with an EX-girlfriend of his who keeps trying to get together with him (she's also married by the way)


Realistically speaking, what are the chances he'll get bored with this "Single life," and want to come home? Also, what could typically be the average amount of time before MY telephone starts ringing again? He's almost 38 and I'm 35. We both have stable, government jobs that pay well. Could he possibly be going through a "Mid-life crisis?"

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Hello Becky


I agree with Swingfox in that there is no way we can "guess" as to what your Husbands reasons are for what he is doing.


You may want to believe its a mid life crises, but have you ever considered that he is not happy with the way things are with you? communication is KEY!, you seem to have this attitude like, Oh when will he get over this behaviour and get back to the way it was maybe he doesnt want the way it was. he may never get over it, the phone may never ring. so the only way to find out whats wrong is talk to him, ask him, and here is the most important thing, LISTEN to what he has to say.


Im not saying either one of you is guilty, but you only control half the relationship, your end. if he is not interested in you anymore, well, its out of your hands. all you can do is either wait or move on, the decision is yours.

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I didn't want to go into the details of my relationship, as I've "Been there, done that."


I left him because of his porn addiction and online chatting, and I wanted to get his attention because he wouldn't stop.


Not two months later, he started screwing around with his EX-girlfriend. 6 months after I left, he wanted to come back. He stayed for two months, then one night when he didn't get "Any," he decided to call it quits. One month later, he's talking on the phone with some woman he met online.


We've talked periodically since, but he always manages to tell me about who's trying to seduce him. It drives me crazy!


When I left him, he said he didn't love me anymore. When he dumped me after we got back together, he said all his old feelings came back for me, but because I didn't have sex with him he felt rejected. In August, he told me he loved his "Online," woman and that he didn't love me at all.


I still love him, I just wanted some general information to give me some hope.

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