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Divorce, Adultry, Military, & Deception


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I am angry. So much so, that I am at my wits end. DIVORCE: I have been married for going on 7 years (October 19th). I gave everything to this man. I knew I should have never married him. But I was young (19) and wanted out of my parents house. I thought I was "In Love". So I gave it my all. For what? ADULTRY: He cheated on me. Several times. Only one I can PROVE. The first was when he went to germany. I stayed behind to wait for housing, and I trusted him. First mistake. He went to a whore house with a bunch of "buddies". Oh, but it gets better! "He stayed outside" according to him. Apparently I fell off of turnip truck yesterday. Then I find out that he has been with other MEN. I wont go into that. He said it was BEFORE we got married. Again, with the turnip thing. I got tired of all of the... aaahhhem... and told him I wanted a divorce. We agreed to help eachother to get on our feet, and then would go our separate ways. I asked nothing from him. Not even money. All I wanted was a roof over my head. The rest I would figure out. So I stayed on Post. For 1 year. Then, he finds himself a girlfriend. Together the possess the IQ of a 5 year old. She insists on telling me her "theories" of which I dont care. And then the crusher. "Get out, Go Home!" he tells me. I call my folks, (back to square one) and Go Home! with nothing but my clothes and my dog. Only to find out 6 months later, he is having a child with her. GREAT! In the mean time, I am getting nothing. He is in the MILITARY: again, I dont take anything but my clothes and my dog. I do pack a couple of boxes (6 or 7) and ask that he ship those to me. I agree for no money, ie: BAH (which I am entitled to) in return for him sending those things to me. DECEPTION: A year later, nothing. Everything is still in Colorado. IF he hasnt got rid of it. I still have not asked for money. (Until a month ago) I got tired of waiting. And THEY had a KID. As for us, no, we never had children. I am unable to. Which SHE LOVES to rub in my face. Anyway, my question is. He did not provide for his family, which according to UCMJ he is required to. I want my things, and I am unconcerned with the money. Just my personal belongings. What do I do. Is there anything the Army can do to get my things to me, if so, who do I contact? There are so many more questions, but I have run out of time. If you have any comments, please feel free to post.

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