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why is world lik that?

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hey u probably sick of reading the same thing over and over again, but I think I'm getting depressed. I'm not sure what depression is, but I feel happy, then when my ex comes online, I want to cry. Or I can be happy, and then just think of him and wanna cry. I say to myself that I deserve better, but you know, feelings are much more powerful than my "my head" and what I want. Why is it so hard to forget the one you love? Why is it only him? Why do people love? It hurts so much.

Pls say wahtever you think, am I in depression? How do I get over it? And don't say go hang out with your friends, cuz I have my own reasons why I can't do that

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You're probably depressed right now-we all go through depression every once in a while, but serious clinical depression (when you should go see a doctor) lasts for a long time. You're going through a hard time right now and are unhappy-love is so hard to get over because you invest so much of yourself in another person-your feelings, thoughts, emotions, friendship, and when that's over it IS depressing-that's just part of love. If you didn't know how it felt to be depressed about a break-up then the love you have during a relationship wouldn't be the same. We have to have ups and downs in life b/c life would suck a lot if it was always the same. The only thing that will help you now is time...time will heal your wound and then you will meet someone else and this will all be a distant memory-TRUST ME...

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Hiya, ive been in the same situation as you, and i did get depresed over it, i dont think you are depresed at the moment. But im not sure of all your syptoms except crying when he comes online, which is a normal thin to do because it so hard, its the hardest thing anyone can ever go through.


If you feel you are, these are comon symptoms:


Cant sleep

sleep to much

dont eat

always crying


distanced from people

cant be botherd to do normal actvities

Not being able to concentraite

and thought of suiside


Now if you thin you are go to the doctors to discuss any medication, but im not sure that you are at the moment, and dont let it get to that point where you do have to go on the drugs, try and get youself out of it.


I think this is just a normal part of breaking up, some people let it get the better of them, dont let it get the better of you.

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Anxiety is also often a common side effect of depression, especially in women, this is found to be true. Women count on romance for their well-being and sense of self. When it is suddenly taken away it can be very difficult to resolve. Many folks feel isolated in their sense of greif and feel that other people don't understand how they are feeling, which makes them feel helpless to change things and they start to blame themselves instead of the situation for their unhappy feelings. This is a downward cycle.


You have to look at opposite behavior to make any improvement in your situation, think opposite and incompatible. For example: if seeing his name on your messanger is making you unhappy, then remove it. If working on the computer reminds you of him, then go out and take a long run. Physical activity is very good for releasing the energy behind pent up feelings. Make sure that you are eating right and drinking lots of water can also help too.

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