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ONE simple question...

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Yes you can, you could very well do this.


What happens basically is that you start to lose yourself as a person (i.e. doing what ever you can to make this person happy even if it's stepping on yourself). You might be even coming way too attached to this person. If anyone needs me to go in to detail I will. I hope this makes some sense I just don't feel like going in to more detail right now, maybe someone else would like to write about this?



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i guess what i'm trying to wonder if who are u loving that is too much. one might not deserve that love. but loving someone for who they are and what they do...i don't think there's a limit because it's very different and varies with each person living out there. i used to think it's possible to love someone to a certain limit...but it's really not. love i guess is endless and goes on forever so basically no it's never too much

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I agree with J, loving someone to much is definitely possible.

I've done it myself, did everything for that one woman. Lost friends, lost myself. She never gave up on me though, and after a while she pointed it out to me. The love wasn't shared though, but i loved her a little to much and then it can become an obsession as well.... which is also a bad thing.


So, if you recognise these signs. I'd say press the pauze button and check the situation a little....

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